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Websites Worth Your Eyeball’s Attention

Periodically I come across some websites I think are fantastic and that I want to share. This is where they’ll be posted! 

Intentional Peer Support.

A foundation which advocates wholly for community and peer support in mental health. I really can’t put into words how magnificent these trainings are, and how life changing the views can be for someone struggling mentally in any way. I can’t describe it in words. Check it out.

A website good for Neuroscience and Brain geeks. They have products you can buy for $40-$300 and perform neuro-experiments on them. For example, take some vodka and water, anesthetize your average earthworm in it, pin it to a piece of wood, stick some electrodes in the body and measure the action potentials. Or, if that’s too weird for you, try the human-human interface: stick some electrodes on your arm, stick them on your friends arm, plug yourselves into the interface and make each other’s arms move with just the power of your brain. If that’s too sci-fi terminator Arnold Schwarzenegger for you, try measuring your own heart rate and your own slow brain waves with the Heart and Brain Spiker Shield Bundle. You get a headband, electrodes, the machine that hooks up via USB cord to your computer, and some conductive gel (for the headband). You can either record your heart rate or watch the slow waves of your brain change when you open and close your eyes. If your good with technology maybe you can take over the world with the human-to-human interface, I don’t know, knock yourself out.

Social Anxiety Institute Forum

I don’t know about their methods and their treatment and all that, but the community is made up of people who deal with social anxiety disorder. It’s not as active as, say, psychforums, but it is active and a great place to check out if you have social anxiety and need to ask a question or vent to people who understand where you’re coming from.

I don’t know what states these programs are in, but I know that they’re scattered throughout the U.S and I think there’s one in Canada. Anyway, this website has information on programs to help treat people who experienced their first episode of psychosis in a more comprehensive way. Meaning, you get a program director and other team members working with both you and your family to 1) help you understand what happened 2) help you gain control over your disorder (usually schizophrenia) 3) Help you gain control over your life and 4) help your family understand. It sounds pretty new but the results have been good, much better than if you just slap someone with some anti-psychotics and call it a day. They help you over a two year period (working with team member (s) weekly for the first 6 to 12 months) and you see them less frequently over the second year. They help you with your educational and/or employment goals. It sounds like they want to treat you like a human. It’s worth looking into.

This is a donation site. I’m not saying donate your money, but I am saying check it out, it’s worth spreading the word if you can’t donate. Rather than going through an organization that has to deal with all these crazy managements and governments, Give Directly just transfers money with wireless technology to the poorest people. So far they do it more so in Kenya and Uganda I believe. $1000 to us is not a lot, but to people who live on .69 cents per day, it’s about a years salary. They’ve shown the snobby rich assholes who claimed “giving money to poor people is just going to make alcohol sales rise” that alcohol sales in fact do not rise. If anything, hunger rates dropped. Anyway, their websites covers most every question you have if you’re wondering more about the technology or how they operate or where your money goes when you donate.

This website is awesome. It’s updates, news, cartoons, whatever you find entertaining, but mostly revolving around the Native American community. I’m a member of course, and I’ve been around it enough to know it’s not just some website to bash society or whatever, it has relevant topics including health topics, with information that’s important to everyone. I just saw an article on there about omega-three fatty acids and some of the new studies that show it’s not just “good for your diet” but that it’s good for some, and not so much for others. They deconstruct a lot of news that we get today. There’s obviously not enough Native influence in the United States, so what better way to promote it than the World Wide Web?

You might already know this site, you might be a member, or have donate, or have “got involved”, but if not I think it’s a good way of helping to end stigma against those of us with mental health disorders. The first time I heard of this website was a very random commercial at about three in the morning. I almost changed it because it was showing scary dark ass stairs and I expected an axe murderer to pop out and for the movie announcement to show. Instead, it was a guy talking about schizophrenia; then they made me feel like a dick for thinking it was a horror movie about a murderer. But that’s the reality of our stigmatized world: our brains almost automatically associate dangerous murderer/serial killer with schizophrenia and lazy with depression and ect. Even video games do it. The Evil Within‘s (known as PsychoBreak in some places) opening scene has some dude calling one of the people a “schizo doctor” and on YouTube one woman playing it repeated idiotically “Oh great, there’s a schizo doctor”. So we really need to change our language in this society and that’s part of the pledge with bring-change-2-mind.

Genes dictating which drugs work? Best treatment route? The future? Most likely. Take a look. and and

If there’s one thing that comes with social anxiety disorder, it’s depression. And if you really can’t talk to people, not even on the phone (like me) or if you’re extremely uncomfortable sharing personal information through spoken word (like me) than these are two of many websites to visit when you are feeling suicidal or extremely depressed. I’ve used both more than once. The first is one most people are probably familiar with; it’s a chatline through the computer for you where a representative weeds through a bunch of other people to get through to you. I’ve only met one dick on there so far, so I’d say the rest of my experience is positive and it kept me alive for another day. The second link is to a text line. If you’re on the road and thinking you should kill yourself and you’ve got no one to talk to or you don’t want to speak with someone, just whip out that old phone of yours and text the number at that link. I’ve only met two dicks on there so far and I’ve used it twice as often. They speak with you until you feel you’re in an alright place. Oh, they’re both anonymous. You can provide your name if you want, and sometimes they ask for a zip code and an email. But it’s mostly anonymous. If you’re not in the U.S, check out that third link, I think it lists every country and a list of hotlines and websites for your benefit.

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