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I’m Back . . . Pt. 400?

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May 2017
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I feel like I did that thing for the umpteenth time where I’ve been absent for a while, or so far gone in my head that my presence on this website has been a Double Debbie Downer. Love how that alliteration just wraps your mind in a fuzzy blanket, don’t you?

I don’t remember writing those previous posts of mine. But now I’m back for the time being, with an energy burst. I’ve got a lot to talk about, a lot to say, and mostly I would like to give a completely sincere and in no way passive aggressive shout out (again) to everyone at WordPress and the Admin team there for, you know, basically making the free version of this website worthless. Bravo. That’s amazing. I appreciate the changes, they’ve truly changed my life for the better. I mean, things would have been great had you not done what you’ve done, but I get it, you need to make money too.

bqmg7atzThat being said, there are going to be a lot of changes to this site. The first change is that I will be owning the domain and upgrading very soon. That is a must. By June, at the latest. The site will change, the pages will change, the content perhaps as well. I intend to regain my Google traffic that I had back when I first started this website, when you didn’t need to pay at all for some basic S.E.O privileges. And $300 a year isn’t horrible, but for someone who is impulsive with money, who is taking a vacation this summer, and whose car has acquired at least 1200 dollars in repairs, 300 dollars is basically my life.

I keep referring to what I started this website for: sharing a story, being sarcastic in the face of the mental health industry (ALEX GORSKY), Pharmaceuticals (FANAPT, SAPHRIS) fighting the idea of stigma, and presenting alternative topics from the mental health field. My personal rambles into the rabbit hole and outer space sometimes interject, but no one’s complained about that yet. You all missed my stint with the Egyptian God, Thoth these last few weeks. I really don’t want to post that on here. Just know it was a wild ride.

I want to start having people share guest posts, stories, experiences, ideas, and make this website more communal once I upgrade, which will be an amazing opportunity to connect with other bloggers. In the meanwhile, if you have a story brewing inside of you about mental health, about your experience, your recovery, spirituality and mental health, anything like that, my email is located at my “This Is Me” page, and I’d love to start inquiries about this. If you’re feeling reserved, no worries, I’m going to be scoping all over the internet looking for people who want to share a story or opinion for the next few months. I’ll probably come across you.

I was going to say “if you’re feeling shy”, but then I realized how much I despise the word shy. At this point in my life it’s become an insult. More on that later.

A lot will change. Stay tuned.

3693041-2Secondly, if you’d like to read something of mine that is a little different than what I usually post on this website, I’ve managed a guest post on a fairly new website (I love being apart of new websites, watching them grow and being apart of that is the best) called Beautiful website, it was wonderful to collaborate with the owner, and if you want to check out my post, it’s here. I hope I did justice to the topic I covered. I really hope I did. I should have mentioned this a long time ago, but I’ve been in and out of space for a while these last few weeks. It feels nice to be out of it again.

Dissociation, psychosis, dissociativepsychosis, I don’t know what it is, but I need to get it under control.

Anyway, I did another post for Another wonderful editor and owner to collaborate with, I thank both of these websites for allowing me this opportunity. I thank Trish especially from Mental Health Talk, because I was writing my article for her in the midst of one of my dissociative episodes, or whatever, I still don’t know what to call it–reaction to stress? I don’t know. But I got distanced from the article severely and took eons to get back to her. So I appreciate her patience and diligence. Anyway, this post is more orientated towards my story a bit. If you’d like to check it out, it’s here. Again, should have really done this earlier.

That leaves two more surprise posts I have lined up. I’ve been on Thought Catalog, that was amazing. I was on Mogul, a kind of women empowerment website, and that was amazing. But this next website, which I still need to send some samples to–it makes me nervous just thinking about actually getting something accepted on it, even if it’s just a blog post. This next website I’ve looked up to since I was about fourteen and just learning about psychiatry and its troubles. It’s where I learned a lot of truth. When I’m featured on it, it’ll be on here. It should be fairly soon, assuming I get my shit together.

The final post will be for a few semi-popular sites. I’m doing a few more for some websites that are pro-mental health and anti-stigma and kind of based on the medical model, but they didn’t object with my pitch so hey, I take that as a free reign to *respectfully* talk shit.

Thought Insertion, I like to call it. Quite Ironically. Because I’m planting thoughts in people’s heads just from them reading the article. Don’t think about it, believe it.


Just one person reading about alternatives could change a whole lot.

At any rate, that’s what I’ve been up to. Decoding messages from Thoth, dissociating, writing articles, obsessing over my cat, accepting my failure in academics and relishing in my small everyday successes.

More to come.

Stay tuned.

You all have been with me for the last year and a half or so, don’t give up on me now. ¬†Things are just getting good.



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  1. mvitrano says:

    It’s nice to have some focus, a goal, a purpose in mind with your blog. I never really had that with mine, which is probably why I hardly post anything anymore. I am more moved by things outside myself that inspire me (sometimes my inner inspiration is on hiatus, lol) to write. I actually had a blog page here for about 3 years before I actually posted anything…lol. I initially started my page, just so I could comment on other posts. Then a few years ago, I got a little manic about some shit and started posting and writing, mostly poetry as a way of expressing feelings and thoughts. But I am very much bipolar in my posting frequency and haven’t been posting much of anything the last year or so. And you know, that’s alright… I know some people pressure themselves to write, to express themselves becomes almost a necessity, something that they have to do. I respect that, but follow a different drum beat myself. I call it the lazy, procrastinator rhythm….it has a slow beat, better for resting than Anyway, I look forward to reading your revamped blog once it gets underway, or just reading the same old blog, either way I like reading you…lol. Perhaps I’ll start writing more again at some point, I’m not certain, and that’s ok.


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